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How to Empower, Inspire and Lessen Behavioural Issues in the Classroom

“I assert that if teachers make subtle changes to their intentions and language use, they can hugely impact students’ sense of empowerment and how inspired they feel in the classroom, lessening the need for behavioral management.”

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New Ways to Create Empowerment through Montessori Education

“I discovered that some words make it impossible for students to concentrate and there are some that free the natural desire to learn. Until I was told directly, it was often hard to know the difference. Language truly does become ingrained.”

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How to be an Inspiring Role Model for Steiner Students

A student will learn to be empathetic if they are shown empathy, they will learn to listen by being listened to, they will absorb motivation if others around them are motivated, and they will learn to empower others if they feel empowered.

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