About the Author

I started my professional career 20 years ago working in various marketing roles with four big corporates in Melbourne and London including PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Computer Share, Oxfam and Reed Elsevier and later as a Marketing Manager role with an event management business.

Following a diverse and rewarding career in the corporate world, I decided I wanted to teach marketing from an ethical perspective. For ten years of my career I worked as a lecturer in Universities and TAFES across Melbourne, South East Asia and China.

Motivating, inspiring and entertaining students was my passion. I learnt how to get the best out of students by communicating with them in a different manner to how I had been taught. The impact was astounding. Students still look me up on Facebook, telling me that my teaching changed their lives. Some saying I was the first person who ever believed in them. I am touched every time.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Business, and two Certificate IV in Training, a Graduate Diploma Vocational Educational Teaching and a Master of Communications. I speak Mandarin Chinese.

I started a Masters of Education, but I did well easily so I swapped to more of a challenge in a Master of Communications.  This was not directly in my field at the time. I am so glad that swapped. My goal became learning how to communicate with intention. I didn’t need a degree for that, but it offered a sound platform with which to grow.

Taking an emotional approach to all I do, I like to keep abreast of new theories, listen deeply and sometimes offer ideas to anyone who would like to listen.

I love being a wife and mother. I find the whole experience extremely fun. I wrote an Aware Parenting private parenting blog on a new issue each week such as sleeping, eating, toileting, stopping breastfeeding, fears, security objects, play, gentle yet effective discipline plus more than 20 other topics so far. However I am taking a hiatus from this to focus on new projects.

I am currently writing a memoir on my journey with my daughter during our first 3 years together. It is quite voyeuristic, discussing the inevitable changes I would have made if I had my time again, while also giving lots of emotionally sound ideas for parenting.   I would have loved reading such a book when Darcy was young. I have also written two textbooks.

I have begun working with parents and their families to assist them to emotionally connect, play and truly enjoy each other.

My main project for the past 6 months is to write the articles for this website. They have flowed out of me. This website is initially a philanthropic endeavor. If I make money from it later that is of course fantastic. I’ve had pleasing support and feedback for my current work. Schools, psychologists, parents, teachers and students are using my work.  I cannot wait to open up the communication and involve others in this work. Everyone has fantastic ideas they could contribute. I am open to see where it takes us next.