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How to Enhance Your Child(ren)’s Childcare, Kindergarten and School Experiences

“Until I went looking for tools, I never realised that every parenting issue I’ve had can be worked through with short stints of either directed or undirected time with my child, enabling them to thrive in every environment.”

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How to Enhance Your Child(ren)’s Montessori School Experiences

“Developed especially for children starting in a school, changes classes, for when they are not wanting to go, after school holidays or illness or simply to reconnect with your child(ren) around school issues at any time of the year.”

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How to Enhance Your Child(ren)’s Steiner Kindergarten and School Experiences

“Any of these 25 tools will help your child(ren) follow the rhythms of the day, encourage them to follow the lead of their teachers, connect with classmates, and feel closer to you, your partner, siblings and other carers they may have.”

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