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This website contains numerous communication tools parents and teachers can say and do that help students thrive at childcare, right through their schooling to university. Choose the ones that are easy for you, and then experiment with the ones to which the student(s) respond positively.

If this is done regularly, students will be more willing to attend, will feel safer and will have more focus and a sense of belonging while they are there. Many of these tools will not take any extra time as they are simply different ways to communicate. The adults I’ve spoken to about these tools have said that once they started, they had a sense of more time in the day, as their children/students became more agreeable.

I would love to hear your ideas and experiences. Others would too. I urge us to start this important conversation.


Parent – Parenting solutions that create harmonious happy families.

Teacher – Helping you and your students thrive at school.

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Resources for 2-8 Years for use by parents and teachers
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Emma, I love your article for parents. It is excellent advice and I totally agree with everything. It is calm and non-dictatorial in tone, informative and probably parents are waiting for it! I would make virtually no changes at all but thank you for the offer of re-versioning it specifically for our school. I’m thinking it would be fabulous to create as a glossy handout for new parents in their pack before starting!

School Principal, Mother of two